Success!! We are now Microsoft Small Business Specialists!

Saturday, April 29, 2006 by Richard Nichols

People like Donald Trump constantly display great pride in promoting themselves at every opportunity. In business it is easier for us to promote others, but a bit uncomfortable to advertise our own accomplishments. Thank you for being an audience to our bragadoccio! Please indulge us for a few minutes.

It is with great joy 😀 and a sense of accomplishment (and relief 8) ) that we announce that our west Atlanta company Art on Disk Corporation has just been certified as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist with emphasis on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003. So far we are the only firm with this title in the 30135 (Douglasville Georgia) zip code.

We are authorized and qualified as computer system architects to build and implement servers and computers, design networks, manage, maintain, troubleshoot, support and provide software and administrative training for small and medium-sized businesses and organizational networks of up to 75 computer users.

In April, 2006 we completed all Microsoft requirements including sales, marketing and intensive technical exams. Accordingly, as a company we are now permitted and encouraged to use Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist logo– as if you didn’t notice it already lurking on the right sidebar :-) .

In achieving this goal, Richard (that’s me) has become a "Microsoft Certified Professional." In the past two years, I have taken 10 courses with excellent teachers through Advanced Technology Group (ATG) here in Atlanta. These hands-on classes have included CompTIA A+ and Network+ (computer technician and network technician classes), and seven Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) classes dealing with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Network Security issues. In addition, I have been performing the part-time role of network administrator and technology consultant to several companies in the Atlanta area.

As we pass this career marker, our goal is to help organizations cost-effectively maximize their use of human and computer-based resources while providing secure business operations. Network administration, photo-illustration and web development are our passions these days. Both Norma and I enjoy inventing and developing new technology solutions. One of our goals is to build our own e-commerce store enabling us to sell some of our own logofont products (Corporate I.D.fonts?) as well as our own brand of software and computer graphics solutions to customers in the U.S.

But– back to reality:arrow: We are qualified to install and maintain home and business wireless and wired networks, build and troubleshoot computers and servers, train users, set up remote access so workers can telecommute when necessary, and promote both workgroup and domain-based solutions.

Currently we are engaged in a PHP-based MySql web development project for one of our clients. This project includes an e-commerce store with a newsletter generation feature, a mailing list, and a database-driven product rental catalog.

We would like to thank our teachers, clients, business associates, family and friends for their patience during the past two years as both Norma and I have intensified our skill sets. Special honors go to my past bosses Dennis Church and Jim Cherry who entrusted me with the MC? corporate network for several years (my first Microsoft networking experience), to Tom Sullivan for keeping us on the Microsoft track, and to our friend and photo mentor Wilson Hurst, for his on-going motivation through his "Image of the Day Association."

If you have a need for our professional services or just want to touch base with us, please call 770-577-3201. Thank you!

The End

2 Responses to “Success!! We are now Microsoft Small Business Specialists!”

  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Congratulations, Richard and Norma !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    That’s Fabo, Richard & Norma! You two have been busy and productive. You’ll make a lot of clients happy. We’re proud of you! k & m