About Us

Richard and Norma Nichols of Art on Disk Corporation have been combining commercial and special effects photography, communication design, business presentations and computer networking technologies since 1987.  We are Douglasville, Georgia-based photographers, illustrators, web developers, software trainers and on-site computer networking specialists with a twist. 

Richard is a former US Marine (1969-1971) with a B.A. degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville(1976) in Art History concentrating in Modern Art, with minors in Advertising, Communication Design and Psychology and graduate work in Library and Information Science.

He also has a B.S. in Professional Photography from New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T., 1981) with concentrations in Advertising and Commercial Photography as well as Animation, Portraiture, Industrial Photography and Multi-media with graduate work in Graphic Arts and Printing. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has spent several years studying MCSE coursework and computer system building.

Norma has a B.A. from the University of Tennessee in Elementary Education. She has taken a number of courses in bookkeeping and accounting, business, a variety of computer software, and arts and crafts.

We combine digital photography and illustration with a love for computer networks and information systems.  This enables us to create and support PC & Mac-based graphics solutions for companies.  We have built complete graphics departments for companies and trained their employees.

We believe that software, computers, networks, and the Internet are supposed to be fun, convenient resources that empower and motivate people in a positive way.  We take the fear out of computers and computing for our customers  by exercising a gentle logical approach to training and troubleshooting. — Richard Nichols

The website Artondisk.com is a publishing vehicle which we use to train ourselves and others, feature interesting people and events– other photographers, musicians, artists, special companies, technologies, celebrations, and of course, our own cities– Douglasville and Atlanta.  By the way, we own Douglasville and Atlanta. They belong to us specifically.  And that new aquarium is ours too.

You are invited to browse through our website!  It is an experimental weblog, an online library, an ever-changing resume, and best of all, by clicking on the "Galleries" button, you will be taken to hundreds of examples of our work.  Artondisk.com provides us a framework to hone our visual and writing skills, and to maintain continuous motivation and learning in our occupational fields.  What we display here are techniques, new directions and ideas that we use in our business to help our clients.  This is an on-line reference– not just a portfolio or a history, but an ongoing capabilities presentation.

Art on Disk integrates certified Microsoft-based Information Technology software and skills with photographic and artistic perception to create a unique blend.  In April 2006, Microsoft designated Art on Disk a ?Microsoft Small Business Specialist.?  This specifically qualifies us to design, manage, maintain, support, and troubleshoot workgroup computers and domain-based networks of up to 75 computer users using Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003.

New ideas and fresh visuals are of great importance in business.  The Artondisk.com website is a helpful right-brained/left-brained show-and-tell sales tool because it allows us to demonstrate our capabilities to our clients in a much stronger way than a "business card" web presence.  The web log is an ever-changing on-line portfolio that places our expertise, ideas and experiments on stage.  As we continue developing as artists and technologists we see the technical information portion of the blog also evolving.

"We are attempting to build a multi-faceted database-driven server-side content management system.  The challenge is to create a digital architecture that can sustain an ever-growing web library.  When we learn new concepts and techniques, we streamline and perfect them, then display them on-line so we can teach and entertain others." — Norma Nichols 

For more information, please contact us through this online form, or call us at 404-210-5985.  Our business hours are 9-6 P.M. Eastern time, M-F.