Welcome to the ArtOnDisk.com Capabilities Page!

Thank you for visiting our website. We have been in the business of creating presentations, electronic publishing and business communications since 1987, first as “Photography for Business Communications,” then as “Art on Film Corporation,” and since 1992 as “Art on Disk Corporation.” We have a photo illustration and graphics slant to what we do, but we are also Microsoft Certified Professionals and have earned the Microsoft Small Business Specialist credential which focuses on systems administration and security for small and medium sized business computer networks and information systems.

Our website is quite non-traditional as websites go. This site is made up of a variety of example articles and technology tests whose purpose is to share our information technology and web knowledge and resources with you. To some extent we also claim to be image-making artists. On this site we offer information, examples, tutorials and demonstrations to our customers, potential customers and visitors. We also include an ever-changning portfolio of our work. Welcome!

At Art On Disk, we spend much of our time troubleshooting computers, networks, websites and imagery.We are Information Technology troubleshooters and software/web developers for a wide variety of computer, network, e-mail, graphics and website issues and needs. We hope you will look through our website and discover for yourself some helpful, interesting and entertaining examples that we provide here. Below you will find a number of samples of our website development work done recently. Please feel free to visit the sites and see for yourself.  

First, here are some questions for you – What kinds of information technology and web problems do you need solutions for? :

1. Web Development and E-Commerce – Do you need a new website that you can update yourself Hire us to create a new WebSite for your business or organizationor that you need consistently updated by us? We will create and develop a brand new custom-made site for you– or help you select and adapt a site from a huge variety of website templates. To view several of our custom-made sites, click here.

2. Website Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Support – Do you have a website already but it isn’t what you need it to be? Did you have it created and then abandoned by your past webmaster? Old websites are called “cobwebs.” We can “reverse engineer” your old site and fix it, move it to a better web host, take over maintenance of it or recreate it and hand it back to you.

3. Webhosting – Does your company need the whole works – your own domain address, your own independent e-mail addresses and websites? We will set these up for you and give you all the support you need to run your business. We also set up on-line forums, chat rooms and create Electronic Forms for surveys, event registration and E-commerce. 

4. Computer System Building and Troubleshooting – Do you have computer problems? If your computer crashes, runs slow, won’t print, can’t get on the Internet, won’t work with your iPod, digital camera, or you think you might have spyware and security issues, call us at 770-577-3201. We make business and house calls in the Douglasville and West Atlanta area to fix just these kinds of issues. We set up Microsoft Windows-based computers built from scratch, or help you purchase the right computer for your needs, then set it up at your site with the correct software and hardware for your specific requirements. We are Microsoft Certified Professionals, Microsoft Small Business Specialists, and we participate in the Microsoft Partners program.

5. Phone and Remote Access Support – When you have computer issues but you can get on the Internet, with your help and permission we can access your computer screen on our computer screen and fix your troubles while you watch and interact with us at your work station. There is no need for us to come there or for you to come here.

As you can see from the graphic, we bring your Windows desktop up onto our desktop and can operate your computer remotely to troubleshoot your problems. If necessary we can download and install software and updates to get your computer to behave itself.

6. Networking – Do you have network problems? Some computers can see the network but others can’t, or maybe you just need a whole network installed, wireless or wired? We install and configure internet connections, modems, routers, switches and make sure that operating systems, network cards and cables are working correctly. In addition we make sure your network is firewalled and that data is secured from outsiders.

7. Data Security and Backup Systems – Do you have an adequate backup system in case your Let us set up your Data Backup Systemcomputer crashes or a catastrophe occurs at your location? Backups need to be automatic and secure. We set up data backup systems that guard your information  in several ways– a duplicate of your information can be stored on separate hard drives inside your computer or network,  or encrypted and sent through the Internet to a remote server off-site. Data backups are tested and an e-mail sent daily to confirm successful operations. 

Click Here to view a sample tutuorial8. Training & On-line Tutorials – What’s up with Windows Vista, anyway? Confused? And what is the difference between Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007? If you need training in specific areas, we teach you the most efficient procedures for certain tasks without you or your staff taking entire courses. We “cut to the chase” by making concise step-by-step tutorials that show how to achieve various results with your software and equipment. We work as consultants to give you the information you need to get your job done. We often create Flash-based web tutorials complete with audio and video to explain processes and procedures.

9. Photo Illustration and Graphic Imagery – Do you need graphics and photo illustration help? We have been creating photography and graphics since 1975, so this kind of work is often second nature to us. We use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher, Powerpoint and a number of other programs to create content.  

10. Corporate Identity and Branding – do you need logo help? We create logos and company identity products in many formats and install them into computer systems. One of our most popular products over the years since 1992 has been Corporate Identity Fonts (called I.D.fonts). We have sold I.D.fonts to many businesses of all sizes– from one person operations to many of the Fortune 500 companies, both in the Atlanta area and across the USA.  I.D.fonts are type faces that have company logos and signatures encoded as keystrokes. One font can have up to 40 logos and signatures inside it. We make them to work in both black and white, and with multiple colors. A color separated logo may require several keystrokes with each letter being assigned a different color.  

11. Documentation –  Do you need to know how to accomplish a particular task in Windows or on a Macintosh computer? We create well-illustrated on-line documentation for a variety of software issues which fully explains the procedures you need to get your work done. Here you see one of the many graphics we have e-mailed to a client to explain how to make Microsoft Office programs behave in a desired way.

12. Written Articles and Press Releases –  Do you need feature articles written about people in your organization, upcoming events or technical processes? We conduct interviews both in person and by phone for promotional purposes. We then publish web-based articles and press releases to “get the word out” to your appropriate audience. You may view three examples here: Kathryn Kolb, Fine Arts Nature Photographer . . . Photojournalist Greg Knobloch diligently chronicles the CDC . . . The Good Rap – Meet Joseph Andrews.

Please look through our site and call us at 770-577-3201 when you face any of these kinds of issues. We will be glad to help you.